The Fam Jams

JackSoFar became what it is today because of my family and our shared love of music, so to celebrate this Family Day holiday check out our list of some of our favourite family acts and songs about Family. Hope you and yours have a fantastic Family Day!


Whitehorse have made a name for themselves with their powerful performances and infectious chemistry between the husband and wife duo that make up the band. Check out our last minute Whitehorse trip from back in December here 


Straight from the lineup for WayHome 2016 are the three sisters of Haim with their video for Forever, which includes some clips of the girls growing up.


While not a family band, this song has a special family meaning for me. I was introduced to The Black Keys when I met my brother for the first time 5 years ago, and every time I hear this tune (or anything from their Brothers album) I am taken back to that summer when I finally met my Unknown Brother


No family inspired music list would be complete without the real epitome of sibling rivalry that is Oasis. While brothers Liam and Noel are not exactly each others biggest fans, hopefully they “Don’t Look Back in Anger” on their days in Oasis


Featuring not only a husband and wife (Win Butler and Régine Chassagne), but also a younger brother (Will Butler), Montreal’s Arcade Fire is another family act gracing the lineup as one of the headliners of this summer’s WayHome Music and Arts festival.


Now get out there and make some music with your family! Happy Family Day to all of our readers and music fans out there!


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