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How Late, How Long

How Late, How Long…

The perfect title to a long overdue post here on JackSoFar. It has been a busy and hectic winter and with that I have been neglecting to share anything here, but today that ends!


Dwayne Gretzky1

This winter has been a great one for some new music and classic tunes. We spent New Years Eve in excellent company with Dwayne Gretzky at The Danforth Music Hall. This band is Toronto’s own homegrown indie superband, made up of members of a variety of acts including July Talk, Our Lady Peace, and Born Ruffians, just to name a few. I was super stoked to see them do a late night set last summer at WayHome, but unfortunately the sun and alcohol got the better of me and I missed them. Playing strictly cover tunes, Dwayne Gretzky kept everyone singing and dancing all night with covers of some amazing classic jams, and some awesome surprises (Harvey Danger’s Flag Pole Sitta was definitely a highlight of my night!). At first I wondered if I had made the best decision when I heard there were free shows that night with Sam Roberts Band in Brampton and The Sheepdogs in Barrie, but Dwayne Gretzky are a fantastic band to party to and they made the night perfect. I stuck around for a few minutes after the show and lucked out meeting July Talk’s Ian Docherty, and grabbing myself a set list for the night. Head over to our photos section to see the full list.


This past week-end was another trip to the Danforth for night two of The Sheepdogs double header. While always a highly entertaining show, we were very curious to see how their new guitarist would live up to our expectations, and holy shit were we ever blown away! Before the show I had heard rumours that the new guy lacked the stage presence that fans are used to from all members of the Sheepdogs, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth and he owned the stage with his energetic guitar solos. The whole set was a fast paced ride through their music, which included some killer steel guitar, and Shamus slaying the trombone. They provided a perfect set list mixed with all of the old favourites and a selection of songs from the new album. These guys know how to present a super chill, yet high energy rock show every time.


There is so much more I could say about both of these shows, but I am going to keep this brief and get some pics up in our photo section. If you are in the Toronto area with a Friday night free this month, I highly recommend hitting up The Horseshoe Tavern to see Dwayne Gretzky. Tickets are $20 at the door, and definitely get there early so you don’t end up cold and disappointed on the street like I did…



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